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An Old-Fashioned Approach to Wine-Making

Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery would like to introduce you to our North Georgia “grape farm” and invite you to come be our guest. We think you will be charmed by our old-fashioned approach to wine-making, grape growing, and life in general. So kick back, savor our hand-crafted wines, and let us know what you think.

Cavender Creek endeavors to produce hand-crafted wines that reflect the personal attention to detail and “pampering”- from planting to bottling– afforded by a small family vineyard.

Planned around an “old family farm” theme, Cavender Creek features a c.1820 hand-hewn log cabin, disassembled and moved down from Tennessee , which will serve as guest accommodations, overlooking the vineyard on 15 acres of beautiful rolling North Georgia hills. Next door is the winery, with three sides below ground, styled after an old-fashioned barn like the one already on the property. The “loft” of the barn houses the tasting room atop the winery, with a spacious deck extending over the crush pad below. From the deck you can enjoy a view of the vineyards and the surrounding farm scene, including a number of donkeys, sheep, and a big ole white “pasture guardian” dog- all adding up to a fun family experience.

Proprietors Raymond and Donna Castleberry look forward to offering wine enthusiasts a wonderfully unique experience at Cavender Creek Vineyards and Winery. Our tasting room doors just opened in March, 2011.

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