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SeaPalms Resort
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571 West Bankhead Highway
Villa Rica
Tel: 678-785-1014
Fax: 770-459-7003



Come treasure hunt our downtown, where you will find antiques, jewels, specialty shops, an old fashioned fed & seed, art studio & coffee house and a historic downtown with the majority of its downtown buildings dating back to the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.


You’ll enjoy sizzling fajitas to steak, great French and Louisiana dishes, Southern cookin’ and everything in between. You can play trivia or try your hand at karaoke while enjoying some great hot wings or a juicy burger. Just coffee and something sweet, it’s here to! Located in a reproduction of the original Berry’s Pharmacy building which was the location of the great explosion of December 5, 1957 which took out half a block of downtown Villa Rica. Enjoy a great cup of java, cappuccino or a tasty latte!