Features and Benefits and Advantages to Advertising on Georgia Tourist Guide

FeatureBenefitAdvantage is a part of a network of web guides that are being implemented worldwide.We can keep our costs lower and take advantage of the expertise and experiences of our partners.You have access to a world-class website at a very reasonable cost.
What good is an ad if it is not visible? What good is a website if it gets no traffic? Knowledge and resources are applied to the GTG website to keep it highly ranked among the major search engines for Georgia tourism and travel. We constantly optimize and maintain the website.More people visit highly ranked websites. This applies all year round – not just after the website goes live or receives a major overhaul.Your ad gets seen by more people and more traffic is directed to your website.
With a simple contract we will Host your ad display for one full year.Means you will be seen 24/7. Unlike magazine or newspaper advertising that is limited in running time.You have unlimited web presence in all time zones around the world meaning more reservations/ticket sales.
All of your contact details are included. Details of how to find/contact your business. Venue address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address.The guide acts as a one stop vehicle for the customer to be able to communicate with you any way he chooses.Don’t lose bookings because the customer is limited to only one way of contacting you.
Our website uses advanced mapping features to allow the customer to locate your business.Customer can determine exactly where you are located.You can spend less time giving directions over the phone. You will not lose customers because you cannot be found.
As an advertiser you may include unlimited text to describe your business. You can to update the text as many times as you need throughout the year at no additional cost.Everything you would like to say about your business without having to edit out important details. Do not have to fit ad in a box.Unlike magazine or newspaper advertising and only at a fraction of the price. Being able to change the text and photographs is like getting a new ad each time.
GTG is a comprehensive guide. Customer can have all tourist and travel needs met via one website.Customer is more likely to stay on the website increasing the odds that your ad will be seen.The payback on your advertising dollars is maximized.
GTG allocates space for four enlargeable photographs. Display is in full color and can also be changed at any time at no extra cost.In your ad you may display photographs and logos that depict and represent your business. Photos add pizzazz to an ad. Including your logo builds brand image.Customers are more likely to make bookings if using the guide is pleasurable and your ad grabs the customer’s attention. Being able to change the text and photographs is like getting a new ad each time.
There are no evaluations or critiques on business cannot be denigrated by a person who may have been having a bad day and slams your business on a website that permits and encourages feedback. No chance a competitor submits bad information.The message the customer hears and sees is what you tell them in your advertisement.
GTG provides a commission free inquiry facility through e-mail, web site, fax and phone.Keeps the customer on the Georgia Tourist Guide for the whole selection process without limiting their information and choice of booking. Customer talks directly to you and not an agent.Because the customer is given choice in their method of making reservations you will receive more bookings. You do not give away 3-5% of the revenues in commissions.
The Guide provides a Hot Offer section. You may feature your business throughout the year and highlight any particular area of the business for which you would like more reservations.Raises customer awareness of your special additional servicesIt costs you nothing extra.
In your GTG ad you can hyperlink to your own website.GTG is a very effective conductor of internet traffic.You will receive additional traffic and bookings through your own site as well.
As an advertiser, you have 24/7 hour access to your display using a secure personal passwordWherever you are, you will be able to access your ad display to make changes.This provides you with the flexibility to change your display from any computer at any time.
GTG has an advanced search facility. otCustomers find businesses/venues on the guide using our quick and advanced search facility.This means your business is less likely to be overlooked.
The site is database driven.This means better performance and ease of search. We quickly and effectively capture the public’s interest and hold it – which encourages people that use the site to stay on there a lot longer.This means that customers are satisfied with their experience of the guide and will stay on it longer and use it again and again.
GTG has a clear, attractive design and easy site navigation with a corporate look and feel.GTG has an intuitive design and professional branded image, which is a confidence builder. This is a perfect introduction to businesses on the guide.Our customers inherit the professional image of the guide assisting the positive perception of the businesses on the guide. However customers still keep their own special identity logos and branding.
Tourism articles and other content are added and maintained. Local CVB’s and Chambers of Commerce are encouraged to submit articles.Internet users are attracted to well-designed, professional websites where the content is fresh and has significant value.Articles can influence people to visit your area for special events or unique attractions.
The Guide has simple administrative tools.Someone without deep technical skills (HTML/web design) can update their ad using the password that they are given upon registering on the guide.You or any of your staff who have the password can keep your display fully up to date at all times regardless of levels of technical skill. You remain in full control of your display.
You have full on-going customer support.Support is always available in case your ad needs attention.You can contact us anytime (email, telephone, e-mail) to service all your support needs at NO extra cost.
The Guide has an email contact database.We use this to advertise to people who have used the Guide before and may want to know about new businesses.There is no charge for this extra service and you will receive business as a result.
There are quick links and advanced searches using our own internal search engine.This feature allows the person using the site to quickly locate something to fulfill his/her needs.This powerful feature encourages the user to come back to the website, because it is effective and efficient.
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