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Welcome to the Georgia Tourist Guide, an online travel resource organized with you in mind!  The guide is designed to provide you with information about Georgia destinations and to help you organize and utilize your travel ideas. This article provides tips for using the guide, and we think you’ll discover it is quite easy to navigate the site.

How To Use The Search Facility

To get started, examine the top of the screen in the SEARCH bar.  Simply select a Region and that region page will appear. You can now search for a "service (place to stay, things to do, etc.) within that region.

Narrow Your Area Search
If you wish to narrow your search to a specific city or town, then simply select from the towns and cities within that region. You can also skip selecting a region and select a city/town form a complete listing of all cities and towns in Georgia.     

Remember To Select The Type Of Service
Now you can identify the type of service information you need in the box labelled "Choose Service".   For example, you can select all places to stay by clicking "Places to Stay"; but if you wish to narrow your search just to hotels, then you can select that line item.

When your search criteria have been selected, click the “Search” spyglass button to the right of the "Choose Service" drop dpwn menu. 

Your Search Results
The guide will then present information for the Region/City and service(s) that you selected.   For example, if you are interested in Bed & Breakfasts in
Savannah, select the “Georgia Coast Region” and the City/Town of Savannah. Then under the "Choose Service" menu, select the "Bed and Breakfasts" option within “Places to Stay”.   The Tourist Guide will return only the Bed & Breakfast locations in the Savannah.

Quick Links
One neat feature is the Quick Links that are provided in the left column. You can quickly look at featured businesses throughout the state that are categorized by the type of activity or service. You can also see several quick links to key places of interest in the state. But please notice the first Quick Link, Featured Cities/Towns. If you select this, it will take you to a list of communities where you can link to detailed promotional articles about their cities or counties. These articles provide detailed information about attractions and events for that community with easy links to specific websites for even more information. You will be amazed at the number of terrific vacation ideas you can get from these promotional articles, which will help you plan your vacation activities for a specific community.

 The Georgia Tourist Guide offers several features designed to make your travel research efficient and effective.  As you investigate the guide, be sure to investigate:

·          Flagged Travel Ideas - an electronic folder where you can store interesting or useful information that you “flag” as you look through the guide.  You can also edit and/or save your list of “flagged” items, email it to yourself or another person or apply Google’s mapping capabilities to it.  These features are made available by clicking the “Save to My Account” button below the “Travel Ideas” list.

·          Map This – this feature uses Google’s mapping function to quickly geographically pinpoint the guide’s accommodation, dining and activities listings – either individually or as a group.  If there are four restaurants for the area you asked for “Search”, you can “Map This” and all four will be shown on the map.  Within an individual advertisement display you can map the location of that business.  When you set up an account and save several flagged items, you can “Map This” and get all the items displayed on a map.

·          Articles – these provide general information about travel within the state.  For a list of all articles, click on the Site Map at the bottom of the screen.


Thanks very much for visiting, and we hope you will enjoy using the guide to plan your perfect Georgia vacation, holiday or getaway. We also hope you will consider adding us to your browser “Favorites” and that you will check back regularly, as we plan to add new content regularly. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we might serve you better, please feel free to contact us at Georgia Tourist Guide.

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