North Georgia Wine Highway

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Georgia Wine Highway Wineries:
12 Spies Vineyards
Bear Claw Vineyards
Cartecay Vineyards
Cavendar Creek Vineyards and Winery
CeNita Vineyards and Winery
Chateau Meichtry Family Vineyard and Winery
Crane Creek Vineyards
Curahee Vineyards
Engelheim Vineyards
Fainting Goats Vineyards
Habersham Winery
Hightower Creek Vineyards
Kaya Vineyard and Winery
Odom Springs Vineyards
Ott Farms and Vineyard
Paradise Hills Resort and Spa
Serenberry Vineyards
Serenity Cellars
Sharp Mountain Vineyards
Stonewall Creek Vineyard & Winery
The Cottage Vineyard & Winery
Tiger Mountain Vineyards
Yonah Mountain Vineyards

About the Northeast Georgia Wineries
Once you are here, you’ll know why the locals are smiling. When we offer you a glass of our wine, you’ll realize that you will be holding something as impressive as our mountain landscape. This may be the Peach State, but grapes are our passion, and the clusters in our vineyards produce award-winning wines, which are gaining national recognition and fueling the emergence of North Georgia as a prominent wine region. Come taste a perfect day in Georgia, and discover the passion that you’ve been missing...

Our mountains provide the perfect place to escape the ordinary and embrace the exceptional. You can be active in your pursuit of outdoor excursions from golfing and mountain biking to back-country hiking, camping, and rafting. We also boast some of the best places for relishing relaxation and indulgence. Experience the luxury of an area bed and breakfast or country inn, browse our antique stores and local art galleries, and savor the cuisine of both casual and fine dining options nestled in our North Georgia wine country.

Our mountains combine the perfect terrain, soil, drainage, and elevation necessary for our vineyards to produce wines that reveal this “sense of place,” or terroir, which separates our wines from those made in other geographically diverse regions. Our soil composition is very much like that of Italy’s Piedmont region, which produces some of the most prestigious wines in the world. Come taste what happens when Georgia sunshine and mountain soils meet Viognier and Merlot grapes…we’re certain that you’ll be smiling, too.

There are wineries and vineyards scattered across the state, but the primary area for producing "fine wines" is along the Georgia Wine Highway in the northeast Georgia mountains. The Winegrowers Association of Georgia wants you to “Taste a Perfect Day In Georgia” and experience the beauty of the vineyards and the quality of its wines. You can enjoy a daylong outing or, even better, escape for a nice romantic weekend getaway. Then you can visit several of the wineries, and determine which wine is your favorite.

Georgia Alcohol Laws
Please be sure to adhere to Georgia’s alcohol-related laws. The legal drinking age in the state is 21.
Also Georgia law criminalizes driving with a blood alcohol concentration at or above .08 percent; and you should also be advised that state law makes it illegal to have any open container of alcohol in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Be sure to have a non-drinking, designated driver along to ensure a safe tour, to adhere to the laws, and to have a truly enjoyable experience.
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