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Warm Springs and Meriwether County, Georgia is proud to share our historic sites and local venues with our guests who travel from all over the world. We would like to invite you to visit our home in western central Georgia and catch the same hospitality that Franklin D. Roosevelt caught and what kept him coming back for more than 20 years.

We offer the destinations that create memories. Families and friends travel to Meriwether County, Georgia to see the covered bridge built by freed slave and self-taught engineer Horace King or Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House and much more. Why not plan your next trip to Meriwether County and shop Warm Springs, hike Pine Mountain or fish the Flint. Then you can eat at the Bulloch House, camp, bicycle, RV the Chattahoochee-Flint Heritage Highway, tour the Presidential Pathways or rest in a Bed & Breakfast.

Village Courtyard Shops

Historic Warm Springs Village
Located just an hour south of Atlanta, the town of Warm Springs is nestled among the rolling hills and the naturally heated waters made famous by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Take a step back in time and experience our Southern charm & hospitality.

History is evident in the 100 year old restored buildings. Off the bustling Main Street & through the alleyways are our Bullochville & Magnolia courtyards. These provide a unique shopping experience. We offer food to please all tastes with over nine restaurants including the world famous Bulloch House. Located on the southern end of town is the Little White House, where President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spent his happiest times with those who loved him the most. We are proud to offer two museums in our town that chronicle FDR’s life in Georgia, detail the history of our Victorian era town and let visitors feel the famous warm springs. Not a month goes by without a festival our innovative program taking place in Warm Springs. At the end of a wonderful day, you can retire in our Historic Hotel or any of our other fine lodging accommodations. We invite you to become a part of our wonderful and remarkable History.

Warm Springs Trolley

Warm Springs Country Store

Roosevelt’s Little White House
This was the home of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, America’s only President elected four times. Roosevelt visited Warm Springs hoping that the naturally warm waters found in the small town would help ease the paralysis he suffered from polio. Roosevelt’s home, which he also designed, contains many original furnishings including his wheelchair he designed himself using a kitchen chair. The sun deck overlooks a deep wooded ravine with panoramic views. The therapeutic pools museum is located one mile from the house. These 88-degree waters originate 3,800 feet below the earth's surface. A fund-raising campaign is underway to build a new museum honoring this great world leader

Rossevelt's Little White House

Red Oak Covered Bridge, one of the few remaining Town Lattice bridges constructed by noted bridgebuilder and freed slave Horace King. The Flint River and its tributaries form an important part of the Meriwether-Pike Scenic Byway. As part of one of the state’s major river systems, the Flint River through Meriwether County ranges from being wide and slow-moving to a fast-flowing current with shoals and rock outcroppings. Red Oak Creek, which flows into the Flint, makes appearances along the Scenic Byway at the Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge and at Jones Mill, where the creek becomes a large, still mill pond. There has been a mill at Jones Mill on Red Oak Creek since 1828 when John Jones established a grist mill. The current dam was built in 1950 and the building dates from the early 20th century. For many of the years, the Jones Mill area was the hub for the local farming community.

Red Oak Covered Bridge

Jones Mill

Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium
You can also visit a National Fish Hatchery while in Warm Springs. At the fish hatchery there is a pavilion area, boardwalk, fish hatchery center, and an aquarium where you can see fish, alligators, and snapping turtles. Aquarium Hours: 8 am to 4 pm daily. The Aquarium is closed on federal holidays.

Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center
5308 Spring Street
Warm Springs, GA 31830
Phone: (706) 655-3382
Fax: (706) 655-9034

Franklin Delano Roosevelt built the Little White ...

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